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MAS Tarbiya & Youth Ministry works on a local and national level, both in-person and online, training and empowering Muslim American youth, community organizers, and institutions across the United States through program offerings, content packages, and professional development resources.

As young American Muslims represent a rapidly growing demographic, addressing their unique needs is crucial. TYM offers tailored programs and resources, from local initiatives to national conferences, to foster a sense of belonging and support within the community, as well as strives to create resources to empower youth leaders to strengthen their community through effective youth programming.

What is A Youth Ministry?

Why is it Needed?

Young American Muslims are one of the fastest growing demographics in the U.S. 37% of American Muslims are under the age of 30.

Establishing youth ministries for Muslim youth is essential for cultivating a strong, resilient, and engaged generation. These ministries provide a dedicated space where young Muslims can find guidance, support, and resources tailored to their unique challenges and experiences. By fostering a sense of community and belonging, youth ministries empower young individuals to navigate the complexities of identity, faith, and societal expectations. Moreover, they offer a platform for skill development, leadership training, and opportunities to contribute positively to society. Investing in Muslim youth ministries is an investment in the future, promoting a vibrant and confident generation that can actively participate in shaping a harmonious and inclusive community.

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Only 10% of youth said they felt comfortable in the Masjid

Only 7% of female Muslim youth feel comfortable reaching out to their Imam

Female Muslim Youth
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Male Muslim Youth
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  • Only 21% of male Muslim youth feel comfortable reaching out to their Imam

We Serve

Youth & Young Adults

  • Increased local Resources
  • Youth-led Service Projects
  • National Youth Training
  • National Monthly Programs
  • National Yearly Conference,
  • Retreat & Camps
  • International Service
  • Learning Trip


  • Partnership Building
  • Consultation Service
  • Program and Curriculum Packets
  • National Affiliation Network

Community Organizers

  • Content & Resource Providers
  • Training of Trainers Program
  • Professional Development Workshops and Videos
  • Yearly Support

We Offer

Empowering Muslim Youth Leaders: Essential Training for Directors

TYM youth director training covers the essentials of youth work, emphasizing the big picture and community application. It guides directors in building capacity, executing vital programs, and navigating the legal aspects of youth work. The training also focuses on effective communication, marketing, and branding tailored to Islamic contexts, ensuring directors are equipped to empower and lead the youth within their communities.

Mentorship & Coaching

We take pride in our comprehensive approach to mentoring and coaching youth directors, ensuring they are equipped with the skills and guidance needed to excel in their roles. Through personalized mentoring sessions, we provide ongoing support, guidance, and feedback to help directors navigate challenges, develop leadership capabilities, and refine their strategies for effective youth engagement. Additionally, our coaching program focuses on practical skill-building exercises and workshops tailored to the unique needs of each director, empowering them to confidently set up and manage impactful youth programming within their communities. We prioritize a collaborative approach, fostering an environment where directors can exchange ideas, learn from one another’s experiences, and collectively elevate the quality of youth programming across the board. To learn more, reach out to our director of Chapter Development & Relations Br Ahmad Saqr.

The Youth Curriculum developed by MAS Tarbiya & Youth Ministry provides a comprehensive framework for Muslim youth to explore and understand their identity and purpose in life. Rooted in the principles of Islam, it emphasizes the importance of cultivating a strong sense of self as a practicing Muslim while also nurturing a well-balanced personality across spiritual, emotional, mental, and social dimensions. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on leadership development, equipping youth with essential skills such as effective communication, management, and decision-making, thus empowering them to become future leaders in their communities. By encouraging active engagement and participation in community and society, as well as fostering a love for knowledge and continuous learning, this curriculum strives to empower Muslim youth to positively contribute to their environments while staying grounded in their faith and values.

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